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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nakie Line Dance at The Wet Kitty

The Wet Kitty is a girls-only dance club in Second Life. From their group description:
Clothing is allowed, but never required. There are free bedrooms in private skyboxes and a Dungeon for Kinky avatars. A Fantastic Dance Ball and Great Music. And Lots and Lots of friendly and beautiful Females, and other female looking avatars.
Note, this includes T-Girls so be prepared! :) It's a fun place to dance naked and the music is consistently great. Here's a video I made of a nakie line dance at The Wet Kitty:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tutu Peek-a-Boo Hoo Hoo

It's Tutu Tuesday at BURN2 and I picked up a few free cute tutu's from the Tutu Tree there. After dancing with the Organicans in one of my new tutus I headed home but could not resist making a little video of myself in my new tutu. So, with camera angle just so to get the occasional peek-a-boo of my hoo hoo, here I am in my media room in my tutu:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Angelus' Xcite! X4 Cock - Oh My!

My good friend and mentor, Angelus Portal, requested a photo shoot of his new Xcite! X4 cock. Naturally, I said "why not?" so we teleported to the Bahamas Swingers Club to scout a comfortable location. Here are a few of the photos - no retouching of any kind other than cropping.

Trust me ladies, Angelus is sweet, kind, generous, intelligent, and cute! Who doesn't appreciate a guy that takes the time to look good?

 These closeups show the texture of the Xcite! X4 when wearing one of the skin packs.

So ladies, what do you think ?